Welcome to F4I

A foundation aiming to help those
suffering from autoimmune diseases.

About F4I Events

Fight 4 Immunity (F4I) aims to bring awareness to the many autoimmune diseases present in society. After witnessing their harsh effects and severity for many years, two devoted siblings and a driven best friend decided to create F4I. The goal is to raise awareness about, and money for, research which can help fight these terrible diseases.

50 million

Americans are battling more than a hundred different autoimmune diseases.

Leading cause of Death

Autoimmune disease is one of the top 10 leading causes of death in female children and women in all age groups up to 64 years of age.

80+ Diseases

There have been 80 to 100 different autoimmune diseases and at least 40 more diseases that have an autoimmune basis.

Various Targets in the Body

There are more than 80 types of autoimmune diseases and some have similar symptoms, but can affect many parts of the body.

Immune VS. Autoimmune

Our immune systems are supposed to protect our bodies from diseases but an Autoimmune disease tricks your immune system to attack the healthy cells in your body by mistake.

Well-Known illnesses

The many known illnesses consist of Crohn’s disease, Diabetes, Arthritis, Lupus, Celiac Disease, and MS.